Sunday, January 18, 2009


There is one where Patrick wants to write a poem, but is tormented by his memory of writing a poem in school once and everyone threw dodgeballs at him. He happened to be in gym class and that was the activity.
In the beginning of the episode, Patrick and SpongeBob are at the comic book store and Patrick needs $100- I think to enter a poetry contest? But he doesn't have it. SpongeBob has a huge stack of comics he is about to buy, and his wallet falls out of his pocket. He asks Patrick to grab it, and Patrick opens it and says, "Hey! I found a hundred dollars!" and SpongeBob says, "That's my comic book money!" and Patrick claims that it is in fact a sign, that fell from the back of SpongeBob's pants. He then tells SpongeBob that he needs to learn to listen to signs like this.
Then Patrick busts into SpongeBob's house and asks to borrow a pencil, paper, and space to work.

Sometimes I hate Patrick. He can be such a jerk! No, he's not a jerk, he just does really mean and inconsiderate things. I don't think he does it on purpose, he's just dumb. I feel like sometimes people do stuff like this. Not this exaggerated of course, but stuff that causes a similar reaction in my brain. Like maybe they just aren't thinking? I've realized though that often they just think differently, and things that bug me are not things that would bug them. Therefore, it doesn't occur to them that I might be ticked off because they did that. Then I wonder what I do that ticks people off. Sometimes people tell me, but I suspect that often we all just let it go. Or we fight and have to agree to disagree, which is fine I guess.

Despite Patrick being inconsiderate and doing flat out jerk things, he remains SpongeBob's best friend. They've had fights and SpongeBob has yelled at him (like in the one where they find a baby scallop and they decide to raise it together, and SpongeBob has to be the mom because Patrick isn't wearing a shirt, and Patrick does nothing to take care of the baby because he has to go to "work" which turns out to be sitting under his rock watching TV) but they are totally BFsF. I wish I was better and the forgive and forget thing, but at the same time I feel like when people do you wrong and they just don't see it your way then you have to change your expectations a little bit. And maybe that works, maybe it doesn't. Maybe this makes me a jerk. If I were SpongeBob, I don't think I could put up with Patrick doing these things over and over, but I might still hang out with him sometimes. Patrick just doesn't change, whether he choses that or just doesn't get it doesn't really matter. I just think it's unhealthy and I would feel disrespected. But then, SpongeBob is much less attached to things (including his ego) than I am. I think this show is pretty Buddhist.

I want to be more like SpongeBob!

Here is Patrick's song he wrote.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Patrick Star,
I made myself a sandwhich.
My mommy named it Fred,
It tastes beans and bacon,
And smelles like it's been dead.
Writing is hard so I used a pointy pencil
Pointy, Pointy, Pointy, Pointy, Pointy, Point.
P.U., what's that horrible smell?
Drum solo!
(Drum Solo)
I have a head,
It ends in a point
Pointy, Pointy, Pointy, Pointy, Pointy, Point.
This song is over,
except for this line,
You win this round,

To see it, go here

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