Saturday, January 17, 2009

Leif Eriksson Day

SpongeBob wakes up and has a red beard and viking helmet, and the narrator explains that every day is a holiday for SpongeBob. SpongeBob yells about how it's Leif Eriksson Day, and then talks like the Swedish Chef.
He goes to find someone to play with, but everyone is gone or doesn't want to play so SpongeBob blows a bubble buddy. He then takes the bubble buddy around Bikini Bottom, and all kinds of zany antics ensue. Eventually the other residents of Bikini Bottom want to get rid of bubble buddy (he made many of them wait in line for two hours in the port-a-potty at the beach, among other things) and bubble buddy tells SpongeBob that he thinks he's going to go because things have just gotten weird. He gets in a bubble taxi and takes off, and SpongeBob comments on how they blow up so fast.

SquareRant #5: can you come out and play?
Remember asking your friends if they could come out and play? People don't play enough.
My siblings and I used to play with all of our action figures and dolls at once, along with things like shoes (the Barbies and GI Joes drove shoes) and caboodles (the lego people lived in caboodles and tackle boxes- they had pools with real water!). We had elaborate stories of kidnapping and a Barbie Queen Mombie (from Return to Oz) that would take off her head and put on heads from other things. It was the best when the other things were of a different scale.

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