Sunday, April 18, 2010

gettin' ready for prom

The other day, I had gone to work at GPI and then I came home and had a couple hours until people were coming over to pre-party before the Humphrey Spring Banquet, aka prom. I didn't feel like going- I actually wanted to sit at my house and edit my Paper but alas I had already paid the $28 for the dinner, my friends were all excited to go, Bill was in a suit... Anyways. So since I've been writing this paper, I thought it might be a good idea to come up with a solid methodology. The logical steps in my methodology were:
  1. shower
  2. make a drink
  3. go on XBL and watch SpongeBob cuz Greg's not home!!!
  4. get dressed
  5. make another drink
Greg recently hooked his xBox up to his Netflix and it has a bunch of things on demand, and he won't let me watch SpongeBob while he's here but I can watch it if he's gone.

So I watched the one where SpongeBob goes to the beach with Patrick and SpongeBob talks to Larry the bodybuilding lobster lifeguard and decides to become a lifeguard himself. My favorite part is when SpongeBob and Patrick are lying on their towels and decide to check their tan lines- Patrick looks under his shorts and is surprised to see his butt, so he exclaims "I thought I was laying on my back!".

Then I watched another one where there is a health inspector at the Krusty Krab. Spongebob and Mr. Krabs make sure to get him all the food he wants, but then they see on the news that there is a health inspector impostor that just says he's a health inspector to get free food. SpongeBob and Krabs decide that their guy is the impostor, so they make him the nastiest Krabby Patty they can- they call it the nasty patty- and they feed it to him. He chokes and dies, and then they hear on the news that the impostor has been caught! Krabs and SpongeBob flip out, deciding they need to go bury the body in the woods.

So they go out and the health inspector wakes up- he wasn't dead, just unconscious- but then SpongeBob accidentally hits him on the head and he goes unconscious again without Krabs or SpongeBob seeing that he's alive. SpongeBob doesn't bury him deep enough and it's raining, so when the cops come and yell at Krabs and SpongeBob for being guilty- gasp!- of not being at the Krusty Krab to get them delicious food- whew!- the guys have to shove the body in the trunk of the cop car so the cops won't see the health inspector.

They get back to the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob has to smuggle the body in the door under his hat so the cops won't see, and then he stashes the health inspector in the freezer. The cops need ice so they go to the freezer, and it turns out the health inspector isn't there! The cops suggest that maybe he's a zombie and he walked out, haha. Then he does walk out! He passes the Krusty Krab on the health inspection because he doesn't want to get hit on the head again, and then the door hits him on the way out and he is unconscious.

It was a pretty stand up episode. I watched part of one where SpongeBob and Patrick are using their imaginations in a cardboard box in the yard outside Squidward's house, and Squiward gets all mad because he can't get the box to work. When SpongeBob and Patrick are in it, Squidward hears realistic noises of whatever they are imagining inside. When he goes inside, there's nothing special. He finally figures it out when he pretends to be in a racecar and he hears and feels realistic noises and motion. But really it's just the garbage truck picking up the box and bringing it to the dump.

After all this, I threw on my dress and what-not and went to prom. We took some crazy pictures, there were some funny skits, and my adviser bought me another drink that I probably didn't need. I drank water out of pitchers and all in all, it was a pretty good night!