Sunday, January 18, 2009

Being a spectacle

There's an episode where a fish from a famous rock band loses his tall Victorian-style wig, and SpongeBob finds it and wears it around. Everyone gives him funny looks and they start telling him that he's not cool. SpongeBob thinks they are all saying positive things, and keeps wearing the thing despite the fact that it gets filthy and there are bugs living in it. Sandy convinces SpongeBob to get rid of it, and the next day everyone is wearing wigs because they are cool! SpongeBob realizes he was cool before anyone else and doesn't miss his wig so much.

I took my skis on the bus yesterday to go skiing at the golf course, and got several funny looks. I had them in a ski bag, and one lady on the bus asked me, "what do you have in there?" I told her cross country skis, and she said, "oh, I thought it might be a fishing pole." Then she was concerned that I was going to be cold. Which I was, because it was super windy. But at least it was warm out- I think it was in the 20's!

Little did she (or the other people I saw) know that skis on the bus is the new black.

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